Let's be honest, beauty trend is hard to track. Like we all agree, beauty is in the eyes of beholder, but for Lashidol, all the past 10 years, we pursue one thing unchanged, that is quality. for eyes beauty products, a word of advise, that should be your priority as well.
For that reason, Lashidol held discreet as its guideline, only by 2021, we officially opened our online store, with our years tested, highly rated eyelash extensions, perms, and serums.

Lashidol guarantees all products designed and made from and only from Lashidol EyesBeauty Lab, 80% are hand-made, 100% cruelty-free. Only armored with quality, we can truly empower women. Our founder, also as a self-made women, a cat-lover, also a mom with two kids, always be the first to test all our designed eye products, so you can always rely on Lahidol. Be with us, be your Lashidol.
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