DIY Eyelash Extension

Question: Do you apply the glue along your lash line underneath? Or do you put the glue on your eyelashes as if it were mascara?
Answer: Yes…. I highly recommend this kit. I have been using DIY LASH KITS for 3 yrs. This one is a cheaper alternative and we’ll be worth it

Question: If I buy the 14mm is it enough for both eyes or do I need to buy 2?
Answer: it's enough but looks weird without size variation I ordered 12 and 14

Question: What glue do you use with brown lashes? All I can find cluster lashes at all is black, which seems counterproductive with brown lashes.
Answer: I imagine clear glue

Question: Does 10mm come in volume?
Answer: yes

Question: Both bottles of my glue are dry like tar. I can't get it to go onto my lashes. Is this normal????
Answer: Time for new glue

Question: Are you supposed to wear these multiple days?
Answer: I do, mine last me 7-10 days without any falling off. I don't reuse them because I am too lazy to clean off the glue. But they last me easily those 7-10 days and they could go even longer if I decided to leave them on. I just like to put a new set on at that time. I use the glue that comes in the kit and put it on like mascara to about the middle of the lash, I don't put the glue on the ends so that I can avoid any chance of them breaking off.

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