Self-adhesive Eyelashes FAQs

Question: How do you remove the lashes from the case because they don’t want to come off it’s hard
Answer: Peel them both off at one time with fingernails or tweezer, then separate

Question: Do these lashes need to be worn with eyeliner for adhesive purposes?
Answer: No eyeliner is needed for adhesive purposes, definitely can get you a natural-looking when wearing these lashes.

Question: what is the adhesive product like? Do you put it on the lashes or on your eyelid?
Answer: The great thing about these lashes is that the adhesive is already on the lashes. I have already used my lashes four times and the adhesive is still very tacky. I have had a lot of compliments on them.

Question: Do these tear off your natural eyelashes when removed?
Answer: No it doesn't

Question: Do they keep the curl throughout the day and how many times can they be reused?
Answer: I've used them 3 times already & they still stick. I've washed them too.

Question: Can you sleep in them?
Answer: I wouldn’t recommend it. My wife doesn’t.

Question: Do I put these in before or after my mascara? I am new at this.
Answer: Hi! You should put them on BEFORE any makeup. Make sure you clean and dry your skin prior to application. This will help them adhere. Good luck!

Question: What do you need to remove?
Answer: You don't need anything to remove them. They just peel off very easily.

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