Magnetic Eyelashes FAQs

Question: Why do they only last 40 times? What part of them breaks down and how can I extend their life?
Answer: they have a very thin ban and the tiniest magnets, just after time a magnet will come off or they will kinda break off in an area but so far they seem to last at least 40 uses if you take care of them well.

Question: Do you have to use magnetic eyeliner?
Answer: Yes, you will need to use our magnetic liners to get a perfect glam look. Feel free to choose between our pen liners or liquid liners that are available for purchase online.

Question: Is this a latex free product
Answer: Yes, they are latex and paraben-free.
The liner is also latex free.

Question: Where do you buy the anchors?
Answer: It comes with the anchors it just needs the lash glue

Question: Do they come in Brown? Brown is so much classier for blondes. Cat eyes in brown, please?
Answer: We do have brown lashes on our website

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