What Type of Lashes Should I Get?

No matter if you are a first time lash user, or a seasoned lash wearing addict, it is important to understand what is on your eyes.

What are lashes made of?

Most commonly lashes are made of synthetic mink: however, there is real mink, silk, silky mink (mix of silk and mink), sable and cashmere. Each type of lash feels different to touch and looks different in color. 

At LASHIDOL we use synthetic eyelashes. They are dark in color, soft to touch, and maintain their curl well. 

What are Classic, Hybrid and Volume lashes?

Classic, Hybrid and Volume lashes are the different styles of lashing. Classic lash sets consist of one lash extension that is applied to each individual natural lash. Volume lashes consist of 2-25 lash extensions, made into a fan, that is applied to each individual lash. Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic and volume styles. 

  • Classic lashes create a more natural, simple look.
  • Volume lashes are great for creating a dramatic look.
  • Hybrid lashes give a great balance of the two.

Talk to you lash artist about your lash goals and they will recommend the style best for you.

What Color should I get?

Most lashes are black as most people desire dark black lashes. As the lash industry has grown so has its color palette. You can have light brown, dark brown, blue, green, yellow, pink, blue, glitter, UV enhanced, ombre, or mermaid lashes- You name it, chances are its out there. 

Each lash artist and lash business uses different products. Some use shiny black lashes, some use matte black lashes. Try out different local lash artists or ask your lash artist if you can try out a different product to find what you like.

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